Sunday, June 10, 2007

John Wesley Powell Expedition 140th Anniversary Commemorative Trek

This weekend we visited the North Rim and discovered the Grand Canyon rocks (note the subtle geology pun). Everyone had a great time. Highlights included:

The shortest hike - Porter
Opening birthday presents - Eliza
The Widforss Trail - Tom
Just being together as a family - Elizabeth

Porter and Eliza both earned their Junior Ranger Badges (Raven Level). They enjoyed learning about the plants and animals of the Grand Canyon, about the different colors of rocks and cliffs in the Canyon, and about the "Olocaver River" which formed the Grand Canyon. They especially enjoyed the Ranger Programs around the campfire.

Each night Elizabeth prepared gourmet meals including cheesy chicken and potatoes, sausage and green pepper pizza, and peach pear cobbler - all in a dutch oven (but not at the same time).

We discussed the relative merits of camping in tents vs. tent trailers vs. travel trailers. Elizabeth and Tom decided that you had to be a grandpa or grandma before you could camp in a travel trailer (Porter wasn't so sure about this conclusion). Tom decided that you had to be able to keep your hands out of the dirt and your face clean for at least two hours before you could camp in a tent trailer. Looks like we will be camping in tents for a long time to come.


marta said...

wow. that trek looks so beautiful and pure wholesome fun! those meals sound delicious. will you cater our next campout?

Janelle said...

man sounds like you are a great dutch oven cooker, my meals at home don't even sound that good. You guys are such a fun family. We need to get out more and enjoy nature.