Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Prefontaine Lives!

A few weeks ago we participated in the annual Butch Cassidy 1oK and the legend Steve Prefonatine decided to run it as well, oh wait that was actually Thomas. Dad, Suzanne (as a race bandit), Thomas and I all ran it. It was a beautiful fall day and we all had lots of fun.
Dad defended his title as 1st place finisher in his age group for two years in a row(1:03:01.4). Tom took third in his age group (40:50.0), and it's a very difficult age group. Suzanne PR'ed and I just had fun finishing two months after giving birth(55:27.7).


jamieanne said...

This is truly amazing. I mean both...Toms getup and your running times.

Jen said...

I'll just tell you right now, I will probably never be able to run a 10K period that soon after giving birth. You are amazing.

Janelle said...

Wow you are running and you only had the baby 2 months ago, you are my hero. So you probably have lost all your baby fat. I don't really want you to tell me yes because then I would be too jealous, but I would be proud of you also. I met up with Amanda last week. I can't believe she lives in Logan.