Friday, April 25, 2008

Disneyland Much Delayed

So we visited the happiest place on earth a few months ago. Being the genius that I am, I forgot our camera so these are the only pics I have and they were done with the cell phone. I love the castle one. The kids were not at all interested in posing for a picture, they just wanted to get to Disneyland.

Porter's favorite ride was Space Mountain. That is where we found Mickey and got the fun shot. Eliza loved everything she got to do with her cousin especially the parade. We had the best seats, thanks to Mary and Shanna.

I loved doing Space Mountain with Porter and Buzz Lightyear with Eliza and the Taco Salad in Frontierland.

James was an angel the whole day. He just enjoyed being in the front carrier and doing what rides he could. It was a good age to take him. I think if we were to try it now with him being 8 months, it would be more difficult to keep him entertained.

I can't wait to try it again when the kids are a bit older.


Janelle said...

How fun. I can only imagine how ticked you must have been to forget the camera. I am sure the kids had fun. I think we will save up to go next year, but actually I am hoping to have a baby by next year, so maybe the next year. Anyway how fun.

La Familia Mata said...

Looks like lots of fun! Too bad about the camera. I'm usually just too lazy to pull of the camera and use my phone. Remember when we all went to California?? Good times!