Sunday, December 14, 2008

30 Desserts for 30 Years

I have the most thoughtful husband in the world and I am the most thoughtless person and forgot to take a picture, so you must use your imaginations.

For my 30th birthday (yikes I'm middle-aged now) Tom threw me a 30 dessert party. I think his original plan was a more figurative thing, but I told him after he started inviting folks that if you advertise 30 desserts, you better deliver. and he did despite our family being sick all week.

Desserts ranged from cookies to pie to ice cream and rootbeer floats, to runts and nerds and chocolate covered cinnamon bears. There really were thirty thanks to Tom and some great friends who contributed.

We had tons of funs with friends and lots of sugar. Thanks for the great birthday! I'm just really sad I forgot to take a picture.


Cinda said...

I hope you didn't have too much left over. We had a good time. Thanks for inviting us!

Sharron said...

You're so funny ... 30 is not middle age, especially when you're in the shape you're in!!! Give it another 20 years and then maybe you can claim it!!!

Kim and Jhon said...

hey, email me your mailing address!

Rich or Rachel said...

sorry, but I have the best husband in the world. However, I am the biggest loser in the world because I forgot to call you and wish you a very happy birthday. Anyway, happy belated birthday, sis.

Love rachel