Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pioneer Woman Made My Day with Monkey Bread

Photo from pioneerwomancooks.com

I remember having monkey bread as a young girl, but never at my house. I have always wanted to make it, but never knew how, and never looked it up. Pioneer Woman just posted the recipe and now I am even more excited to make it. I may need to have it for dinner, except I am off desserts today. I guess it'll have to wait until my next dessert day.

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Jamie said...

LIZ!!! I have wanted this recipe for quite a while! Thank you for posting it! Hooray! Thank you! Sorry we didn't get to see you when we were there. My sister was in town from Japan and so we pretty much spent every waking hour playing and eating American food! :) Maybe next time, we'll have some free time. Take care! P.S. Sorry I'm such a crappy neighbor. Hopefully, things will normalize soon.