Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pre-Independence Day Ride

Tom and I rode 80 miles on July 3. It was super hot, super hard, and super fun. I didn't have a whole lot of energy so Tom had to pull most of the way.

But we got to ride through the coolest National Park in the world, I discovered Coke is awesome for energy and refreshment at mile 60, and I got to be with my favorite person in the world.

Happy Independence Day!


Janelle said...

80 miles, I can't even comprehend doing anything but driving that far. You guys are awesome.

Jen said...

Don't you two ever just sit around on the couch eating bon bons and watching soaps? I mean, LIVE a little.

Dansie Family said...

not bon bons and soaps, but ice cream with cherry sauce and other mindless tv like america's got talent or usa track and field championships.