Monday, May 23, 2011

Mad Science

I'm very proud of my budding scientists. They both entered the science fair at school and did very well.

Porter's project was about which fruit or veggie makes the best battery. He made made a battery out of 4 fruits and veggies. He used the battery to power an LED light and also tested the voltage of each battery.  

 His hypothesis was a lemon would make the best battery because of it's acid content.
photo by Porter

His project was quite a hit at the fair. He took second amongst 3rd graders.

Eliza's project was about how a plant gets water from its roots to its leaves. It was the perfect project for a 1st grader. She understood the concept, was able to come up with a hypothesis on her own. And it didn't take too long to do.

She put a celery stalk in red water and observed it as the water made its way through the plant. 

My cutie girl took 1st place amongst 1st graders and made it to the district fair. She did not place at the district level, but I think she had fun. 


Sharron said...

Good job kids!! proud of you.

Lacy K. said...

wow... i dont look forward to helping with that type of school work in a couple years.