Friday, July 27, 2007

Bryce Canyon

We recently took a small excursion to Bryce Canyon to camp and for Tom to run the Bryce Canyon Half-Marathon (Ruby's Inn to Cannonville). It was a fun escape from the heat of Hurricane.

We slept in a "Tipi" at Ruby's Inn Campground.

The kids and I enjoyed watching Grandpa and Brother Ballentyne finish the race (we missed Tom's fast finish because we were stuck behind the slow runners en route to the finish line).

After the race we went back to Cannonville for the Utah Old-Time Fiddlers jam session.Not only was the music old-time, so were 99 percent of the fiddlers.

The kids also enjoyed homemade root beer (only 50 cents) and bright blue cotton candy. Porter also had lots of fun on the playground, which has quite possibly the last surviving merry-go-round in the state. Porter could only play on it for about 5 minutes before we decided it was way too dangerous. We left the concert before it ended on account of the torrential downpour. But the concert continued long into the night.

On Sunday we enjoyed the scenes of Bryce Canyon via canyon shuttle and automobile. We were real tourists spending less than 3 hours total in the Park, stopping at various viewpoints along the way to snap a quick photo. Tom and I decided we definitely need to go back and do some real hiking down in the canyon.


The Mikkelsen Family said...

you have the best family vacations. I do miss the hiking in Utah. enjoy it for me

Janelle said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. Our family needs to travel more and see the sight of Utah. You are such a cute pregnant woman. You are the type that stays cute and skinny with a round belly. I just kind of get big all over. Anyways good luck with the pregnancy and all, I can't imagine how hot you are.

meghannorth said...

I second that you look really cute pregnant. When are you due? The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon looks like it would be a fun race. Andy's running the Logan Top of Utah Marathon next month. It's his first full, so it should be interesting. I need to do another half. I haven't really been running more than a few miles since Rylan was born and I'm starting to miss it.