Monday, August 20, 2007

Porter Learns to Ride a 2-Wheeler

I am way behind in my blogging, but I finally downloaded a bunch of photos and have a bit of time. So be prepared for some new blogs. I am going to try to get them in before the baby comes because who knows how much time I will have after the new arrival.

Porter recently turned 5 (July 24). Just after his birthday, he decided hey I am 5 and I can ride a two-wheeler. He went out and practiced on his own with his neighbor who wanted to use his bike with training wheels. I didn't even know he was out there trying it out. He told me later, so that evening we all went out so Tom could help him a bit more. He got on the bike, Tom gave him a push and away he went. It was pretty fun to watch.

The fun lasted until he fell and got a tiny cut on his hand and was handicapped from any further bike riding.

He has continued to progress and now rides his own bike, not Eliza's girly bike. He can start on his own, but only if the pedals are in the right spot. He still is nervous to ride down any sort of hill so that will be our next goal. And to teach Eliza to ride her tricycle.

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