Monday, August 20, 2007

Porter Turns 5!!

Porter had a fun Pioneer Day birthday. He got to have two parties, one with grandmas and grandpa and one with his friends a few weeks later.

He wanted a pirate party with his friends so we did just that.

All the pirates coming to the party received shiny skull and cross bone bandannas and an eye patch.

They built ships and raced them in "Snake Swamp." Unfortunately, most of them sank before they made it across the swamp.

They all went on a treasure hunt around the neighborhood; past wolves, a rose garden harbor, a pit of doom, the end of the world, to name a few. You'd be surprised at all the landmarks around a construction friendly neighborhood.

The pirates had to walk the plank across swamp. They were pretty talented at keeping their balance.

Finally,they came in to enjoy a pirate cake and ruby punch.

The pirates all seemed to enjoy themselves. Although, I will say that five-year-old pirates are harder than three-year-old princesses.


Janelle said...

Wow that is a pretty awesome cake. It even has the canons on the side. Did you just make it up, or did you see it in a book or something? Way cool. I don't think I am ready for themed parties. So far we have just had parties with the parents and kids, since all of Camille's friends are children of my friends. Anyways I can't believe that you have a 5 year old, time passes so quickly. You have such a cute family. When are you due?

Dansie Family said...

i found the idea for the cake on the internet. it makes it so much easier for parties. it actually was not that difficult to assemble.

i am due in 6 days!! august 27. so hopefully any day, but probably not until next week.

hillary said...

Hey Liz! It's Hillary! Your family is so cute! I love your pirate cake! I made the same one last year on Jeremiah's July 24th birthday! Anyway, I love your blog. I love the pictures of the recipes you guys try. By the way, what kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are awesome! Or maybe you guys just have skills! :) Anyway, good luck with this next baby/delivery!

marta said...

you are the best at throwing parties! i love all the details with your little pirate and your princess. so sweet! you've been one busy mama. best of luck counting down the days 'til the next wee one comes!

thanks for sharing the photos.

Dansie Family said...

we use the nikon d40. it is our our first digital camera and well worth the wait. we love it!

The Mikkelsen Family said...

That party turned out great. The cake was way better than my castle fiasco! I can't believe that Porter is starting school. Are we really old enough?

north5 said...

What a cool birthday party! I love the walk the plank over the swimming pool and they are all so cute dressed up like pirates. I love it! Is there a baby yet or what?

lane said...

That last picture is perfect! What a motley crew!

You sound like a brilliant party-thrower. I would like to come and swig some ruby punch...