Monday, December 10, 2007

Turkey Day

I forgot to post about our wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the weekend with Tom's family in Sun Valley, Idaho.

It was all so much fun, but this really sums it all up.

A delicious buffet at the Sun Valley Inn was enjoyed by all, as well as a girls' shopping trip to surrounding boutiques and thrift stores, yummy meals, giant outdoor heated swimming pool, and great trail runs on 6 degree mornings. Thanks Elbert and Shanna for a great weekend that included good surroundings, better food and the best company.


Janelle said...

Wow what a meal. Did I see Prime Rib? How nice to have it catered and everything. Does Tom's family no longer live in the Salt Lake area? Anyway Merry Christmas! I got your picture and I can't believe how red James' hair still is. You are all so cute.

Dansie Family said...

ill live in slc but we just all go up to sun valley for thanksgiving. his fam has been doing it for ages.