Monday, February 4, 2008

Way To Go Underdogs

We very much enjoyed witnessing the miraculous, heartfelt win of the Giants over the Patriots. Proof that once again, cheaters never prosper.

And what could be better than witnessing this wonderful event? Witnessing it while stuffing our faces with pigs in a blanket, hot wings, honey BBQ wings, chips with guacamole and queso dip, cheese ball with crackers, copious amounts of coke with fresh lime and homemade cheesecake.

Go Giants!


Jen said...

That food sounds sooo good. I've been wanting to have you guys over for dinner but I'm all scared because you're such a good cook!

La Familia Mata said...

I haven't even watched the Superbowl in years. We had it on the whole time, but I read a book for most of it. But I am so glad we had it on, the last minute was so exciting! Good times! I only wish we had your food.

Janelle said...

Did you make all that good food? I never knew that you were a sports fan, or did I know that. I used to be when I was single, now poor Brad just gets dirty looks when he would rather watch the Jazz than clean up.