Thursday, May 22, 2008

100 Miles for a Good Cause

In a little over a month, Thomas and I are going to ride our bikes 100 miles through the beautiful Northern Utah - Southern Idaho country. We are participating in the Harmon's Best Dam Bike Ride on June 28. We just call it the MS 150 for short. (riders can ride 150 miles over 2 days, but we only ride on Saturday).

The purpose of the ride (it's not a race, but I'll still try to beat Tom) is to raise awareness and money for Multiple Sclerosis. My own mother-in-law, Shanna has MS, so that is part of the reason we and many members of the Dansie family participate in this ride (there are 11 of us doing it). In fact Utah has one of the highest rates of MS: 1 in 500 Utahns have the disease.

In addition to our registration fee, each rider is required to raise $250 dollars for MS. So Tom and I are trying to raise $500 to help those affected by MS, including Shanna and one of Tom's close friends.

If you feel this is a cause you would like to support click here. Just search under Thomas or Elizabeth Dansie. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by us and all those affected by MS. Or even better sign up for an event near you. There are walks and rides all over the country.

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SpecialK said...

100 miles? You guys are amazing! Good luck!