Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Need Music Advice

I have 8 downloads left on emusic and I need your help. Some may say I am not the most musical savvy person out there, but I do like music. I love folk, contemporary and old school. But I also kind of need some fun songs I could use for teaching spin.

I already downloaded tracks from:
  • The Decemberists
  • The Be Good Tanyas
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Erin Bode
  • Norfolk and Western
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Ra Ra Riot
So, I give you all a job. Give me some other good ideas of music to download from emusic.



The Mikkelsen Family said...

Girl Talk is this guy (crazy isn't it...) who does remixes or mash-ups of all different types of songs. I think they are the best workout songs ever. When any of them come on, I can run just a little bit faster! Disclaimer, there are some that are a little inappropriate (rap tends to have language, etc) but not all of them are like that. You just have to be alittle selective. He has I think 3 albums out so there is alot to choose from

Sharron said...

I walk to an album called "Henry Mancini at His Best". It has lots of show tunes from 60's and 70's. There is some change in pace. It keeps me going when I am having a hard day keeping up my walking pace.

Tatum said...

I like Fallout Boy and The Killers for spin, their songs seem to have the variety you need in a good spinning song :) Also, just a fun song, but too slow for spin is Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's duet of "Lucky".

Cory Reese said...

Ferras - Something About You
John Mayer - Vultures
Marc Cohn - Walk Through This World
OneRepublic - Their whole CD Dreaming Out Loud is awesome
Jack Johnson - Flake
Cory Reese - New CD called Believe is a free download at (Okay, I'm biased).

There are some possibilities. Let us know what you choose!

Dansie Family said...

the thing with emusic is that it is more a venue for the lesser known artist. your ideas sound great, but unfortunately, emusic doesn't carry most of them. i could download the siberain chipmunks doing a cover of colbie caillet, but no actual colbie caillet. i did find some girl talk, but i am a little hesitant to download based on the 30 second blurb they give me in case of numerous expletives not heard. and i would have thought cory reese (being lesser known) would be on there. cory maybe you should get on that. but keep the advice coming, i only have a couple more days and 5 more downloads.

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I can ask my husband to find the clean ones for you. We will let his ears burn since I think he has most of them on his mp3 player!

Jen said...

I wonder if they have Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband? I really like Banjo Boy, though I haven't listened recently enough to remember if the whole song is good for workout.

The best workout music is 80s butt-rock. (Think Rocky Balboa soundtracks.)