Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marathons and Pouring Rain Don't Mix

Sorry for the darkness, Tom was too grumpy to go over to the light.

We may look happy, but we just didn't quite understand what we were getting ourselves into. Mandi is to my right, she was my training partner throughout the whole process. Renee is to my left and she didn't train for the race but still rocked it.

Race Report
Finish Time 3:38:21

So the race begins at 6:45 am. The start is 26.2 miles from the finish (crazy huh?) so we have to ride a bus to the start line. We decided to ride the earliest buses in order to get entered into a drawing. And it paid off, Tom won 100 bucks! But what that really means is that we have to get on the bus at 4 am and sit at the starting line in the wet, wet rain for 2 hours. We get to the start and it is overcast but not rainy. It is actually pretty warm and I am very optimistic for perfect weather. So much for that optimism - it started to rain about an hour before the start and it didn't stop until well after the end of the race.

I wasn't prepared for wet or cold weather. I wore shorts and a tank. My friend gave me a long sleeve shirt to run in and I wore a garbage bag until about mile 6. My plan for the race was to stay with the 3:40 pace group for the first half and then run my own second half. The weather changed my plans. My goal changed to just staying in contact with the 3:40 pace guy.

Mandi and I ran the first 6 miles well ahead of pace and ahead of the pace guy. He caught us on the Veyo hill. Mandi and I continued to run right with the pace guy until about mile 11. We were still ahead of pace, but slowing. I picked up the pace a bit and tried to just keep the pace guy in my sights.

Hallelujah for Garmin GPS! I had an eye on my pace the entire 26.2 miles. I also printed a pace band specific to the St. George Marathon that weighted each mile based on difficulty. Find it here. Some miles are fast, some are slow but in the end it all averages out. I loved that band and monitored my progress with that.

the rain continued to fall the whole race. My muscles never warmed up. My mind told me to quit a few times. But I promptly told it to shut up and convinced myself I could make it.

The hardest sections were when the headwind picked up and I couldn't make contact with the pace group and the last 4 miles. I was hurting , I was cold and I wanted to be done. It helped to get into St. George where crowds started cheering me on. That energized me to the final stretch where my dad's cheers really carried me in.

Tom waited with open arms for me at the finish line. I burst into tears when I reached him. Running a marathon can be an emotional thing. Tom rocked the course in 3:07. Stay tuned for his full report.

Best things of the race:
  • Qualifying for Boston!
  • Doing it with Tom (not that we ran or trained together, but just were there for each other)
  • Hearing my dad at the last quarter mile
  • Knowing my in-laws cheered me on even if I didn't hear them (it's okay because Tom heard them and not my parents)
  • Training with Mandi
  • Hanging out at the starting line with friends like Renee
Worst things of the race:
  • Pouring rain
  • Cold muscles
  • Being too cold to enjoy the post-race refreshments
  • Pouring rain
  • Quick pass massages (for getting the early bus) that were actually slower
  • Pouring rain
  • Being super sick to my stomach for 12 hours post-race, and I mean super sick, cramps worse than child birth.
  • Getting up at 3:15 in the a.m.
But all in all a great experience. We are excited to go to Boston in April. Woohoo!! Click here for glamorous pictures of the race and I mean glamorous. Select St. George Marathon 2008. Last name: Dansie and Tom's number was 239 and mine 4536. And click here for full results.


Linda said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your time. Congratulations on qualifying for Boston--that is an awesome accomplishment. I just don't think I could ever to a full marathon (probably because I don't want to). Anyway, good job!

anna jo said...

wow, you just lived my dream. complete with the 3:38 finish time. you rock! have fun in boston...

Sharron said...

Hm-m-m-m-m do I ever think I would do a marathon .... NO! Sounds painful. Do I think walking real hard every am is an OK goal ..... YES! There are some mornings that hurts quite enough, thanks. But, congratulations and keep up the work, fun, torture, what ever you want to call it ;-)

The Mikkelsen Family said...

that is amazing! way to go, enjoy Boston. I have always wanted to go

Cinda said...

Good job! Boston will be great! That's great that you set goals for yourself!

Janelle said...

Wow I can't even believe you guys. I mean you qualified for Boston, GREAT!! I can't even believe that you did it in less than 4 hours, that just sounds so impossible, you rock!

Renee said...

Good Job Liz!

SpecialK said...

I am more than impressed, Liz! Congrats on qualifying for Boston! You rock!