Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughts on Being 38 Weeks Huge

38 weeks along in my fourth pregnancy is a lot less exciting then the other three. Ok, maybe the other 2 were just as bad. I am excited and filled with anticipation of the arrival of our sweet 4th baby, but I am also sick of being pregnant. The heat is hard, but not that bad, all of my pregnancies have taken me into the hot summer months.

The hardest part is not being able to be as active as I like. Race season is fast approaching and I can barely run 3 miles or bike 15. But I'll keep doing what little I can until she arrives. I have already planned to bike 30 miles on her 1 week birthday.

I rode 15 miles this week to celebrate a friend's birthday. I wasn't going to miss out on the celebration.

Enough of the negative. I am so excited to be a mother to a newborn again. I anticipate great things. I am looking forward to nursing her and having that special bond only a mother and child can have. I picture quiet moments where we get to spend this quality time together. I know that might not happen with 3 others running around demanding my attention, but if nothing else, she and I can enjoy this priceless bond in the wee hours of the night.

I look forward to seeing her dressed in many of the same outfits Eliza (and even Porter and James) and I wore. I have already filled her dresser with her tiny clothes. I reminisced as I folded them and put them away. Memories of Eliza as a newborn flooded back to me. And I imagined myself as tiny newborn as I folded some of the more vintage dresses. I still haven't decided on what to bring her home in, but Tom said he won't be ready for the baby until the bag is packed, so I better decide soon.

I am thrilled for Eliza to have a little sister. I know that she will take great care of her baby sister. And I hope they will be great friends. She does such a great job with James when she isn't teasing him. The two will share a room, and Eliza is so excited.

James is a different story. He is not quite 3 and demands a lot of attention. But I am thinking positive. I know he will be jealous, but luckily the other kids will be home to entertain him. By the time the others are back in school, hopefully, James will be used to the new member who demands so much of his mama's attention.

So here's to her soon arrival. I know, I still have 2 weeks left, but I can dream she'll come early, right?


Mariah said...

Being pregnant in the heat is the worst. It seems to exaggerate everything. I can't imagine riding a bike for 30 miles one week after birth...just the sitting would kill me. You are one tough woman. Good luck and here's to hoping she'll come early. :-)

Jen said...

Dear Elizabeth,

You are taking it like a champ. I hope I am not cursing myself, but I hope I am never pregnant in the hot summer. Also, you are not huge. Some women are your size at 5 months. So there. Love ya!


Linda said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane even though they are your memories. It was nice to read your feelings. And I can't believe you are still riding a bike--all I could do was sit on the couch and eat chocolate cake at 9 months! You always have been a strong, amazing person.

Janelle Day said...

Are you really pregnant? I don't think my non pregnant body could do what your 38 week pregnant body can do. You are AMAZING! Are you really going to be able to sit on an uncomfortable bike seat 1 week after giving birth? Can't wait to see that beautiful baby :)

anna jo said...

38 weeks! that is very exciting. she will come so soon. and just be glad you have been able to stay SO active during your pregnancy. I definitely wasn't able to and it has been such a bummer to not be able to get back to what I was once doing because of this drop foot. but I know you'll bounce back so quickly and that thirty mile ride 1 week post partum will be nothing for you. enjoy the sweet babe; I can't wait to have the newborn snuggles again one day.

I'm sending you happy birthing vibes. may the little one come when she's ready and may that be sooner than later. :)