Monday, February 14, 2011

Meatless Mondays

What a great idea. Tom and I try to consume less meat. We aren't vegetarians by any stretch of the imagination, but we do try to be frugal with our meat consumption, especially red meat. I found this blog post about meatless mondays and a number of great meatless meal ideas.

So starting this week, we are going to incorporate meatless mondays into our menu planning. On Monday we had wild mushroom and cheese ravioli served with a simple romaine/spinach Simple, yet delicious. I am excited to try more meatless meals.

Hurray for Bountiful Baskets! With a fresh variety of fruits and veggies every other week (or every if you prefer), I am bound to have some great options for meatless meals.

What are your ideas for meatless monday?


Sharron said...


My5wmd said...

I have a hard time going meatless. I think my husband's body type requires a lot of meat to function properly. Also, when we have to consume an entire cow every 2 years, it really means using a lot of meat. At least it's organic, grass-fed beef. I do go meatless occasionally, but not to often. My kids love vegetable lasagna. Have fun.
Also - LOVE the new blog layout. The photos are great!

Jen said...

Fab Frugal Food has a series of meatless monday posts. They are pretty diverse, with tofu, beans, and other legumes.

Shane and Brandi said...

We do burritos that have black beans rice chopped tomatoes cilantro and lime juice. My family loves them. Shane loves his chicken and I love my beef, but meatless Monday is a great idea. I think we might follow your lead!

alyson said...

A former coworker just published a "meatless Monday" cookbook last fall, targeted at avowed meat eaters. I helped her with her website. Anyway, the recipes I've tried so far are pretty good, and I'm getting over my fear of cooking eggplant. :)