Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Race Schedule

My amazing friend had a great idea to blog his race schedule. Once it's written down, you are way more committe, right?. So, i decided to copy his great idea and blog my 2011 race schedule. Mine is not as ambitious as his, but good enough for me. Cory is even more obsessed with running than I am, but his OCD running makes him funny and fit, so he has a good excuse.

January: St George Half Marathon (1:41:54)
February: Death Valley 10K (44:52), Dam 2 Dam 10 miler (1:17:17)
April: SHAC Sprint Triathlon, Salt Lake City Marathon, Hurricane Half?
May: St. George Triathlon?
June: Utah Summer Games Cycling
July: Hurricane Trails River Run (4 mile trail run)
August: Utah Half (half iron distance Tri)
September: Red Rock Relay?
October: St. George Marathon
November: Butch Cassidy 10K (although deep down I want to try the Snow Canyon Half, maybe next year I can convince Tom to change the date of Butch Cassidy)
Decemeber: Hostess Half Marathon

There is still room for a few races. Any suggestions?


Cory Reese said...

You guys will be busy! I LOVED Top Of Utah Marathon....I wish it wasn't two weeks before St. George.

m said...

ohhh this totally makes me want to write my race schedule down and get more committed.

Linda said...

We have some good ones here in AZ. Come on down!