Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweet Baby James' Special Day

Thomas, along with Grandpa Fisher, Grandpa Elbert, Great Grandpa Cheshire, Uncle Dan, Uncle Ray and our bishopric, blessed baby James a couple of Sundays ago. James got to wear the blessing outfit that his dad, two uncles and brother were blessed in. It was a gift from his great grandma Dansie, whom he never got the chance to meet on this earth. But we are glad he can feel close to her through the precious white outfit that has been a part of some great guys lives.

James is very lucky to have a family who loves him and a dad who can bless him.

James with his grandparents.

James with his aunts and uncles.

And we always love the opportunity to have a party with lots of good food.

We love you James!


Jen said...

I just love his red hair! I have always wanted red hair, or at least to have a red-headed child. But I might have to settle for being auntie to a red-head. What a cute quilt, by the way!

Janelle said...

I can't believe how red his hair is. He already looks lots bigger. I liked the picture that showed you front room. It looks so clean and stylish. I wish I had at least 1 clean room in my house, how do you do it with 3 kids?

Ashley A. said...

His blessing quilt and outfit are so darling but my favorite part is his punk rock hair do. Rock on James!