Monday, March 23, 2009

Caramelized Apple-Pecan Pie

This pie was divine!! I made it first for Thanksgiving. I don't think it was fully appreciated because there were about 10 different varieties of pie present. But I loved it, so I tried it again with pecans from my brother's tree and it did not disappoint.

Alterations to the recipe included:
  • store bought crust
  • Not brushing crust with egg white
  • I used whatever apples I had, I don't think they were fuji or pippen.
They great thing about this pie is that it isn't quite as sweet as pecan pie, although it is very sweet, just a tad less than your standard pecan pie. The apples add a great flavor and texture, contrasting the crunch and nuttiness of the pecans. The house smells wonderful while you are preparing it, especially as the apples are caramelizing. I like using my cast iron skillet for the apples. It makes me feel kind of rustic and like I could have made this pie no matter what era I live in. And I love that it was inexpensive since I used free pecans. Pecans can be costly so living in Hurricane isn't all bad.


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Jen said...

PS Only five more days until final biggest loser weigh in. The next guy has to lose 18 lbs to beat Alex if our calculations are correct. Bwa ha ha ha ha.