Monday, April 19, 2010

Quilt for Baby Girl Dansie

Here is a possible layout (without borders, yet) for my newest quilt for the newest Dansie. There are a few things that had to be included in the quilt and I had blocks leftover from a previous quilt.

First, all the red tumbling blocks come from the quilt I made for baby Benji. I accidentally made double the blocks I needed, so I had enough for whole new quilt. However, the blue tumbling blocks weren't girly enough for me so I chose not to use them.

Second, I needed to include the yellow fabric with the small red and blue flowers because it has been in all of my kids' quilts. But I don't totally love it. Luckily for me, my awesome quilter friend let me raid her stash for some cuter yellows to tie it together better and some fun bright reds because I didn't want to go buy more fabric.

Third, I also had to include some Laura Ashley fabric that my mom bought 30+ years ago in England because it is cool and is in all the kids' quilts. The bright red with small red flowers that are hexagons and the reverse that are the top on some of the tumbling blocks are the Laura Ashley.

Eliza's baby quilt also uses the bright reds with just a tad of yellow. So since they are sharing a room, I thought they would go well together.

I didn't want to make new tumbling blocks, hence the solid hexagons instead. Obviously, there will be a full white border and another fun print border and maybe even some rick-rack as suggested by aforementioned quilter extraordinaire.

Does it work? and what improvements could be done?


Sharron said...

I LOVE it. I wish I had the patience to assemble a quilt like that. Maybe when I grow up?

I love all the traditional fabrics that are in it. Makes it so special!

Angie Whitaker said...

I love love love the little Dansie-girl quilt. WOW are you talented!

Janelle said...

It looks like it will be beautiful. You are athletic and crafty :) Did I forget that you announced that you were having another girl? That is great 2 and 2. I need to learn how to quilt it is one of those things I really want to learn, but just haven't started yet.

marta said...

i thought that quilt looked familiar! it's the girlie version of benji's treasure. nicely done. you are talented at this and it's just so super duper sweet. and great tip on checking it out in b&w.