Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quilt in Black and White

A tip from a friend- look at quilt in black and white to see if the darks and lights work - especially because they are what cause the illusion of the tumbling block in this pattern.

She was right. There is too much dark on the right side. I need to redistribute some of the dark and lighter hexagons either more deliberately random or in a more deliberate pattern.

Jenny, you are a genius. Thanks.


Sharron said...

That's really neat tip. I know that when I am slaying out stuff, I have to take a pic and look at it on the computer to see if it's straight or not. Funny, huh?

Linda said...

It's an amazing quilt no matter what! Really dimensional. I'm not sure what time Rachel thinks she will be out of the water. I checked AZ Ironman 2008 and her swim time then was 1:07:33. That is so neat that you'll be helping out. Wish I could be there. Do you have Nick's phone number? email me if you don't, mangodulce@juno.com

Mariah said...

I think doing a quilt for every kid is the coolest thing ever! AND ANOTHER GIRL TOO, yeah for Eliza! I think the colors look really great together. The black and white trick would work for a lot of things, I'll have to keep it in mind.