Friday, April 9, 2010


Eliza entered her elementary school's version of "Reflections" with a photo collage titled "Spring." The theme was "New Beginnings." She took all the photos by herself and only needed a little hint from me to use the blossoming trees as her subject. It probably didn't hurt that she was using a pretty nice camera, but I think she did a superb job at picking what blossoms to shoot and how to shoot them.

And so did the judges because she won first place for kindergarten (there were 2 other competitors even.

Great Job Eliza! Mama is proud!

PS: Ignore her dirty lip. She blew a big bubble the night before at a concert and got home to late for a bath. I told her to wash her face before school, but forgot to check it.


Reed, Liz and the kids said...

I am very impressed...and I sure do hate when I look at my kids after they have been somewhere for hours and realize that they are dirty! It happens more than I would like

Jen said...

Congrats to Miss Eliza! That's Awesome with a capital A.

Sarah said...

That is great that she won. Good girl. I love her messy face. My kids always come home looking like that so you might as well send them that way.