Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Moms

Two wonderful moms celebrated their 70th birthday only two weeks apart. My mom, Lynda, turned the big 7-0 on June 20, followed shortly by Tom's mom, Shanna, on July 5. Fortunately for us, we were able to celebrate with both of them on their happy days.

We enjoyed an intimate party with my mom where we enjoyed lobster salad, panko crusted chicken with warm pineapple salsa, orzo risotto, and brown butter green beans. For dessert we enjoyed a delicious lime tart with a strawberry-apricot compote.

Shanna's celebration was a bit more high key, thanks to the thoughtful and diligent advanced planning of Elbert. The party involved close to 100 of Shanna's closest friends and relatives, beautiful flowers, a ten-piece band, a party tent, and a delicious menu of blue cheese and apple quiche, wild rice salad, spinach salad with orange vinaigrette, assorted veggies and fruits, a huge assortment of delicious cheese and cheese dips, and an assortment of cookies and FBPs for dessert. The party was grand, to say the least, even though we forgot to serve the birthday cake.

I just wanted to send out a happy birthday to the two best moms in our lives. They are wonderful moms to us and even better grandmas to our kids. Thanks for all you do and enjoy being 70.


Linda said...

Those look like great parties with great food. Please tell your mom and dad hello from me. We miss them here--so much a part of the ward and community. You, too.

La Familia Mata said...

You know why I like you so much? Well, there's lots of reasons, but I LOVE that you highlight the food! It all looked great!