Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Wow, it's been a busy month. Much has happened since I last posted: a few races, a few meals, a birthday, the start of school, to name just a few.

We took a mini vacation to Bryce Canyon and participated in the Bryce Canyon Half-Marathon with my dad and sister and camped at the luxurious Ruby's Inn RV Park and campground. No tee-pee this year, just our 300 square foot tent and the occasional shelter of my parents trailer. But we did get to enjoy the traditional Bear Fiddling Festival again including the cotton candy, burgers, and homemade root beer.

But the excuse for the whole trip was the race. It is nice course, with the first half being very fast. The course winds down from Ruby's Inn at an elevation of 7652 down to Cannonville with an elevation of 5800.

My dad took 5th in his age group, despite having a less than perfect race.

My sister, Suzanne finished in barely over 2 hours and placed 8th in her age group and looked hot doing it in her super cute running skirt. Apparently they are all the rage now.

Tom, the speed demon, finished 20th overall in a time of 1:27:14. And this was in spite of being at the end of horrible bug that ripped through our family's tummies.

I PR'ed with a time of 1:41:19 and finished 22nd among 400 plus women. I was very happy. My goal was 1:40, but I don't think I could have gone any faster. The first half of the course is much faster than the second half. I was on or ahead of pace until mile 10 and then I just did my best to not fall too far behind my goal.

Click here for all the results from this year's race.

We officially challenge my sister, Rachel, and her husband to this race next year and anyone else who wants to take the challenge. We want to make this one an annual tradition.


Janelle said...

You guys amaze me. Way to go.

hillary said...

Inspiring - almost. I've worked up to running for about 3 minutes at a time! LOL! I HATE running, but hopefully by the time I meet my weight loss goal (in 5 1/2 more mos) I won't detest it anymore. But I can't imagine ever loving fitness & especially running!! We'll see.

Kim and Jhon said...

Girl, you are too much. I told my husband about you the athlete, master chef, and supermom. I get tired just thinking about it! YOu are a wonder woman for sure!

Linda said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I was going to chastise you for not posting more often! 1:41 is very fast for a half--congratulations. So the CA race went well? Where did you do it--are you going to post it? Thought of you the other night at Julie Pfau's shower--there were a lot of your group there! So fun--love you girls.