Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eliza's Zoo and Lots of Monkeys

Eliza decided to have a zoo party for her 5th birthday back in June. We only do friend's parties every other year, so I try to make them special and memorable. She has a lot of friends, so it was pretty crazy. I think we ended up with 18 kids, plus my own. But I loved the Zoo theme. It was fun to and easy to work with.

For the invitations, I used die-cuts from the library. The general idea came from my mom, and I just fine-tuned it because of what I die-cuts I had available to me.

Many kids came dressed as zoo animals. When they arrived, they made animal masks out of paper plates and paint, etc. They got animal tattoos. Then we played a bunch of animal games. We played "chase the tail", had a flamingo standing contest, a monkey bar race and a snake slither.

After games, we enjoyed otter pops and cupcakes and free playtime at the park. The biggest downside to the party was the lack of water. The drinking fountain was broken and we didn't bring any water. But the kids survived and I think they even had fun.


Sharron said...

These pictures are so cute and the zoo idea turned out really fun! Good thinking Eliza!

Janelle said...

Cute. I like the idea of friend birthdays only every other year.