Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was recently inspired by a very creative friend who is awesome at sewing and refashioning and all that jazz. So, I decided to refashion a little myself.

I have tons of running shirts and only a few bike shirts. I like my bike shirts because they have pockets to carry essentials when I am working out: cell phone, food, jelly beans, etc. But most of my bike shirts aren't great for running and are of the bike jersey variety and are loaded with brand sponsorships. I have lots of cute running shirts that are plain, but they lack the pocket. And even when I run, I need a pocket for essentials. Plus, I love to do triathlons and need something that can go from bike to run and carry all the essentials.

So, I decided to put a pocket into my running shirts. I went to Walmarts and found the loudest and most obnoxious spandex print they had (and lucky for me it was on sale for about $2.50 /yd). I looked at the variety of pockets on my bike jerseys. And with the help of my sister, I fashioned a fun double pocket on my running shirt. Now my running shirt has been refashioned into to a tri-top / long dsitance running shirt / bike jersey.

I plan to put pockets on more of my shirts in the future. I will probably use the same fabric until it is gone. But I plan to make some small pockets, just big enough to hold some Jelly Belly's for my long runs. And if I ever get an mp-3 player, an mp-3 pocket somewhere might be nice. And this same creative friend said she has put pockets on to her shorts as well. I might have to try that, too.


anna jo said...

I feel so honored to have inspired such a cute top!! seriously, that is such a great idea to put on a running tank. I put a pocket on some shorts out of necessity because I needed something that would transition bike to run in a tri. maybe we should go into business together with our crafty/sporty creations! :)

Sharron said...

Great idea girls! I love to see youngsters who can think for themselves!

Mariah said...

What a good idea! Those will come in handy and be way cute at the same time.

The Mikkelsen Family said...

very crafty!! I am impressed