Thursday, August 6, 2009

Porter's 7th Birthday

For Porter's 7th birthday, we decided to do a track meet instead of the standard party. I think it was a great idea and plan to do every year.

There was very little pre-planning. We made simple flier-like invitations and took them to the kids a couple weeks early so they could start training. We bought prizes, a costco cake and gathered up a few supplies needed for the events. We printed time-cards that they could keep with the times and distances of all the events, so they can try to beat their marks next year.

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Many ran 1 mile, many of whom have never gone than far. Enough parents stayed to help the event run smoothly, which was absolutley necessary with 28 3-12 year olds. Next year, I'll ask parents before hand to stay to make sure we have enough.

We divided the kids into three groups: 3-5 year olds, 6-7 year olds, and 8+. The three groups rotated through the long jump, softball throw and 100m sprint. We kept track of all their times and places within their groups and wrote their times on their cards.

After the kids had a chance to catch their breath and grab a drink, we lined all 28 kids up for the mile-run. I encouraged all the kids to start the mile and to go as far as they could. All of them did at least one lap and 15 finished the entire mile, including my two.

This 12 year old was actually beaten by the 7 year old. First place finished in 7:23 followed by second in 7:30.

Porter's stats: Softball throw: 22', 100m sprint: 28.44, Standing long jump, 2'8", 1 mile run:12:24
Eliza's stat's include: Softball throw:10'9", 50 m sprint: 20.21 (Dansies and Fishers are not sprinters), Standing Long Jump: 2'5", and 1 mile run: 15:23. I am m ost proud of her mile. She ran every single step of the entire mile. And I even told her it was ok to only do only 1 lap. She was determined and did it, beating three kids much older than her.Here are some highlight of the mile run. We forgot to take pictures of the rest of the meet.


Whitehorn Family said...

What a fabulous idea for a birthday party. I love how you incorporate your passion for running with your kids.

Tatum said...

You may be the smartest mom alive! I couldn't think of a better way to channel the energy of children at a birthday party. I am impressed. And Eliza's party was darling too. I think I need you to be my party consultant from now on. I am utterly impressed that Eliza ran a mile, but it is in her genes :)

I miss seeing you guys and am floored at how much James has grown!

Cory Reese said...

The kids had a blast! This was a great idea. Much better than the chain saw juggler you were thinking about hiring.

hillary said...

You rock! What a GREAT idea!

Jen said...

That is the crazy awesome-est birthday idea I have ever seen. Cool beans!

anna jo said...

what a great idea for a birthday party! I'm glad the kids had fun. will have to remember this for my future life as children's party planner for sure!

Cherise said...

your training them young! way to go! my training is well, not the greatest... but I am getting serious now. We have been messing around all summer and left no time for fitting in runs. Up until yesterday my longest run was barely 6. Yesterday I did 12. It hurt. and yes I am paying for it. Hopefully I can get into my groove. If not, I may be doing a little run-walking. -but will finish. (last night, I had to do my run at 8pm ish- late) This is how you run in HOT Tucson, AZ...I am sure you remember well. I think I prefer winter training.

Janelle said...

I have never heard of such a cute idea! I am sure the kid loved it and what a great way to get them all active! That is awesome that Eliza ran the whole mile. I know Camille would have been whining after 1/2 a lap. Anyway super cute idea.