Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Layered Brownies with White Chocolate Caramel

I need to make up for all the calories I have been burning working out.

My sister, Suzanne, spent the week with me two weeks ago and discovered this brownie recipe in the latest Bon Appetit.

The were not necessarily easy to make, but I think they were well worth the effort, especially since it was my sister making most of the effort. I also think the recipe could be greatly simplified. The brownie layer was simple and delicious. The white chocolate caramel was not as easy, but was divine. The caramel crystallizes when the cream is added and it took a while reincorporate all the bits back into creamy caramel. I think if you added the cream very slowly it might work out better. The ganache was simple and very good. Our pecans didn't candy very well, but were still great. I think it might be easier to just bake the pecans with sugar until they candy.

Simply moist and dark brownie plus creamy, sweet white-chocolate caramel plus rich, dark and smooth ganache plus crunchy candied pecans equals heaven on a plate.

All in all, a great recipe and an even better brownie. I am still eating a small brownie every night a week later and they still taste great.

Click here for the recipe. I doubled it, by the way.


Sarah said...

Looks so yummy. Why couldn't I have been there when you guys made them. Now I will just have to make them myself.

Jen said...

yum yum yum yum yum. Delicioso!

Mariah said...

Ohhh, that looks divine! There is nothing better than gourmet brownies. What a comfort food!

Janelle said...

Those brownies look so good.