Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School

Two of my kids are in school now and it is wonderful. They both love it and are doing well. I just wanted to share my cute kids on their first day, it is one of very few days they actually look cute.

Porter has Ms. Tanner (an intern) with Mrs. Hendrickson for 2nd grade. He has many friends in his class and seems to be doing well. When I have had the chance to peak in on him in class or on the playground, he is happy, well-behaved and interacting well with others.

Eliza has Mrs. Sorenson for kindergarten. She always seems so shy when I see her in class, but she comes home happy and excited about her day.

On her thrid day of school she had a pretty major crash on her bike. Her face was scratched up and swollen, but she is back on her bike now. She just walkes it down the steep hill.

School is over a mile away, but both kids are cheerful about riding their bikes. Porter has buddies to ride with and Eliza and have a great time getting to and from school.

Happy Back to School!


Sharron said...

Oh come on Mom, your kids are always cute! It always catches me off guard to see Porter's little face on such a big body! Guess he will always be a wild haired tiny boy to me!

Great job on the race! I just can't imagine!

hillary said...

Poor Eliza! What a bad wreck! It's great she's excited about school though! All 3 of your kids look so cute!

Sarah said...

That is great that you have two in school this year. Hopefully Isaac will be ready next year. Love all the pictures.

Tatum said...

So cute! I guess i thought time would stop when I left and your kids would just stay the same. I can't belive Eliza is in Kindergarten and riding a bike. and I know I keep saying this, but I can't get over how much James has changed. Such an adorable family!