Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Trendy Spot for Good Eats

Tom and I deciced to use our Dixie Direct card of V-Day for a good deal and discovered a great cafe.

25 Main (located at 25 N. Main in St. George)

Great paninis, salads, pastas, and of course, cupcakes. But the cafe is more than great food. The trendy atmosphere makes it that much better. The cafe is chocolate brown and teal themed. Fun retro plates, cute tables and chairs, even the lamp shades were rad with keys glued on the inside. The display front had the funnest flannel cupcakes on cake stands and gorgeous photos of delicious cakes.

But no matter how cute the place is, I won't go back unless they have good food.

I ordered the Turkey-Artichoke Panini. The roasted sweet onions were a wonderful, flavorful addition. Tom ordered the Fettucine Alfredo and added chicken. The chicken was unnecessary and a bit dry, but the pasta was great. Unfortunately, I think they were busier than they expected to be and the 7 promised varieties of cupcakes were lucky to be one variety at a time. Tom tried the peanut butter an it wasn't great. I had the vanilla-strawberry. The strawberry frosting was awesome. I could eat a bowl full of just the frosting. The cupcakes were still hot so I looked forward to our next visit to try their cupcakes at their best.

We didn't wait long. Tom's parents came down for the Russian National Ballet's perforrmace of Sleeping Beauty and we got to go again. This time I enjoyed the White Pizza. Divine. You can tell the sauce was homemade and just had great creamy flavor and texture. The crust was thin and perfect. Shanna enjoyed the Pesto Pasta with chicken. Lots of flavor-packed pesto. Tom had the Ceaser Salad. Simple and classic.

The highlight of the evening for me was the cupcake. I was the only one who ordered one and I could have eaten six. Orange Blossom. The cupcake was moist and dense. The frosting was obscenely good. I am salivating just thinking about it. I haven't had many artisan cupcakes, but if this is what the cupcake movement is all about, count me in.

Here is the cupcake schedule:

In the future, I want to try the Salmon Pesto pasta and the Dolce Vita panini. And maybe I will take some pictures, because you really need to see it to understand how inviting and fun the little cafe is.

Anyone else been? Where do you think the best cupcakes are?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dam 2 Dam Race

Tom and I ran the Dam 2 Dam 5-mile race last weekend. We had tons of fun, always. Click here for our full race reports. Tom even wrote one. Click here for an article and video about the race.

Our next race is the Lake to Lake Relay on March 7.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Valentine Scurry

Valentine's celebrations are tomorrow and what have I done? Nothing. Now, it is raining, I don't feel like spending money on silly valentines and we need to get cracking. I guess I will just copy what we did last year and luckily, Yogos were on clearance at Costco recently and I have probably 100 + packages.

Tom and I get to spend Valentine's morning doing what we love the most: running a race. We get to do the Dam 2 Dam 5-miler. Hopefully my valentine can win the thing and I can cross the finish line less than 10 minutes behind him.

Here's to the day of Love.