Monday, March 30, 2009

Apple Brown Betty

This is the last of my desserts, I will post a couple of yummy savory dishes soon.

I tried Pioneer Woman's Apple Brown Betty. She claims it is "sweet, light and yummy." She is right 2 out of the 3. It is very sweet and very yummy, but it is not light. It kind of has that over- sweetness it makes you a bit dizzy feel of her Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is easy to make. As long as you have apples, you'll have what it takes to make it. And we can rationalize that it is somewhat good for you because it is made with fresh apples and whole wheat bread.

I think when I made it, I used more apples and more water. But other than that, I just followed her recipe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ironman St. George

It is official Ironman announced that the newest full Ironman event will be held in none other than my little town. How awesome is that?!?

May 1, 2010 will be the day that many crazies will gather in my town to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles, all at once. Oh, how I dream to be one of those crazies.

However there are a few factors that may prevent me from being one, at least in 2010.
  • The race costs $550. That is insane. But it does make me feel better about spending $110 on lesser tris now that I know what they can cost.
  • How could I train for such an event? I have three little kids who can not take care of themselves. Training for a marathon is hard enough but add the other two portions, and I don't know where I could find the time, at least until my kids can care for themselves for hours on end.
  • Is it possible to complete such an event? I have completed both a 100-mile bike ride and a marathon on their own and was so exhausted after each, I can't imagine doing both in a row.
Here is why I dream of participating in an Ironman and more specifically, Ironman St George:
  • Bragging rights. Let's be honest, the Ironman is the ultimate in endurance events. To complete one would give me every right to brag for the rest of my life.
  • No travel costs. If I travelled anywhere to do any race the cost would start approaching $550 very quickly. Boston is costing us more than that when all is said and done (well, maybe not because Tom's parents are joining us and paying for the hotel). But really many of the races we travel to, cost alot because of travel and lodging. If I raced in my home town, I am saving all that money.
  • I know the course. This is where I train. I know most of the course already, and what I don't know I would definitley train on before the race.
  • Race with the best. I race with some great athletes, but I am sure I could rub shoulders or be trampled in the water by many greater athletes.
  • Surprisingly, the swim would be the least of my worries. I am a terribly slow swimmer, but I have learned to swim without getting tired. I can swim a mile with little training and not be exhausted afterward. I would just be the last out of the water. When I used to dream of completing an Ironman, it was always the swim that scared me the most. I think with some training and a great wet suit, I could get through a 2.4-mile swim and be able to complete the 112-mile bike. The question is could I run 26.2 miles after?
  • I need a new obsession. Boston will be over in less than a month. I need something new to obsess over and facebook about and blog about and just drive everyone crazy with my talk.
So even if i don't do it 2010, I will complete an Ironman Triathlon in my life. That is my new goal. It would be awesome to do St. George, but whereever it is, I will do one. It might not be for 10 years, but who knows maybe 2011 will be the year.

Who wants to join me?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Caramelized Apple-Pecan Pie

This pie was divine!! I made it first for Thanksgiving. I don't think it was fully appreciated because there were about 10 different varieties of pie present. But I loved it, so I tried it again with pecans from my brother's tree and it did not disappoint.

Alterations to the recipe included:
  • store bought crust
  • Not brushing crust with egg white
  • I used whatever apples I had, I don't think they were fuji or pippen.
They great thing about this pie is that it isn't quite as sweet as pecan pie, although it is very sweet, just a tad less than your standard pecan pie. The apples add a great flavor and texture, contrasting the crunch and nuttiness of the pecans. The house smells wonderful while you are preparing it, especially as the apples are caramelizing. I like using my cast iron skillet for the apples. It makes me feel kind of rustic and like I could have made this pie no matter what era I live in. And I love that it was inexpensive since I used free pecans. Pecans can be costly so living in Hurricane isn't all bad.

Meyer Lemon Souffle Cakes

I have tried a few recipes recently. So, I will be posting a bit over the next few days. Hopefully you will enjoy some of them.

I thought the Meyer Lemon Souffle Cakes from February's Bon Appetit were delicious.

The recipe was pretty simple. The flavor was uncomplicated and refreshing. I will have to try these again. I loved the texture of the souffle, and I loved the smooth tartness the creme fraiche added to the sweet tartness of the souffle.

I made two alterations to the recipe : I used regular lemon juice and in place of creme faiche, I used sour cream mixed with a bit of whipping cream.

Enjoy and let me know if you try it out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lake to Lake Race Report

Go to for a full race report of the most awesome race ever. Hopefully, Tom will post his soon.

Btw, don't I have the most awesome running gait ever. Look at that back leg. how do I do it?