Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kokopelli Triathlon 2010

I signed up for this race when I was big and pregnant because they were having a limited-time promotion. And I decided it would motivate to keep moving after little Millie arrived. It worked. I wasn't well-trained for the event, but I wasn't completely out of shape.

I trained a lot with my friend Karrie. This was her second tri and first open water tri. She rocked it! and deserved to, because she really put in the hours of training.

I participated in the olympic distance tri, which is 1500 m swim, 20 mile bike, and 10K run.

Swim 1500 m, 33:53
The swim was okay. I wasn't last out of the water, but I was definitely in the back of the pack. I have decided I need to take swimming lessons. I think I have the most room for improvement here. I was almost 15 minutes behind the fastest female swimmer and 10 behind the faster swimmers.

T1 1:37
Besides my bag getting stuck on my pedals and that causing my whole set up to get messed up, transition was ok.

Bike 20 miles, 1:06:26, 18.5 mph
It is a familiar course, so I like it. But I haven't been out on the bike enough since baby was born. The nice thing about finishing the swim in the back, is you have a lot of people in front of you to pass. It was fun and I hit 43.3 mph on the backside of Nemesis. I was a tad embarassed by my bike since I was parked by super nice tri bikes, and I ride an entry level Novara. But maybe next year, I'll save up enough for a fancier bike

T2 1:05
A good transition. Just had to switch my shoes. I wore no socks, which was a mistake and probabaly not worth the 15 seconds I saved.

Run 6.2 miles (6.4 on my watch) 53:54

Hot! The run was super hot! I don't know what the exact temp was, but it was supposed to hit 99 on saturday and it was closet o noon. I dumped water on my head at every aid station and drank Heed. I was sloshing a bit, but it was worth it. The run did not feel good and I wanted to basically die by the end. The run ends on a substantial climb back into the State Park. That sucked.
All in all a fun race with good friends. I ended finishing in 2:36:54, 10th overall female and 1st in my age group by default (the top 3 overall were in my age group, so they got bumped up leaving me as number 1. I'll take it even if they were 30 minutes ahead of me.)

Click here for full results.