Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coconut and Ricotta Pancakes

These pancakes were divine. I can't wait to make them again.

Changes I made to the original recipe:
  • I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta (and it was good).
  • I used 4 T of sugar instead of 2.
  • I didn't have ginger or the fresh fruit so I just used maple syrup. It was great that way, but next time I will try the ginger syrup.
They are fluffy and more eggy than your standard pancake. I loved the crunch the coconut added. Tom did not like that part.
They are best hot off the griddle but taste great even cold the next day. Porter was the biggest fan; he ate 8 pancakes. I came in second with 7. Eliza didn't even finish her first one: she didn't like the coconut.
A definite keeper.

Stay tuned for Shrimp and Coconut Rolls.

1 comment:

Jen said...

I like the cottage cheese substitution. I'm not a big ricotta fan. We'll have to try those since we love coconut around here.