Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Out and Vote!!

I love democracy and I love the excitement of this year's election.
I love all the political discussions and arguments we get to have.
I love that I am a total outsider in Tom's family because I am voting for McCain.
I love that Tom is a total outsider in my family because he is voting for Nader (He is protesting the two-party system since he isn't passionate about McCain or Obama, although he feels either will do a great job).
I loved going out for family home evening and distributing leaflets for Lin Alder (He is running for county commissioner in Washington County and trying to defeat good old boy incumbent Alan Gardner).
I love democracy!

So don't forget to vote on Tuesday and let your voice be heard. And vote for Lin Alder for County Commissioner if you live in Washington County.


Linda said...

I voted a couple of weeks ago, and I'm like you this is all terribly exciting. It is going to be a very interesting day tomorrow--I know I will be glued to the news stations all day. Thanks for all the nice things you comment on my blog--it's great to have that support!

Jen said...

I am delighted to find another Nader voter in the same county. Alex said I should write in Mitt Romney and just tell everyone that I voted for Nader. For shame! I am ready for a third party, too.

Cory Reese said...

Voted for Lin too.

Voted for a third party too.

Mel thinks I'm a nerd for being excited to stay up until at least 1:00am to watch election results.

Reed, Liz and the kids said...

I love your shirts in the pic. Where did you get them. I love voting!! It was not as exciting because I didn't get to go to a polling place but oh well