Thursday, May 27, 2010

Does it mean I am Nesting if..,.

I feel like cooking again?

I have to admit that I have been so lazy and neglectful this entire pregnancy. My family is lucky if they get 2 real meals a week. We literally eat cold cereal or eggs and toast at least once a week, each. It has been bad.

I keep telling Tom that once the babe arrives, it is all going to get better. I am going to go back to cooking 5 meals a week. I will blog regularly and post fun recipes. I will workout and actually make progress with my athletic endeavors. (Working out is the thing that has least suffered this pregnancy. I don't always feel like doing it, and I don't do it as often or as intense as I would like, but hey I am pregnant.) I will keep a clean house, ok who am I kidding, that has never really been a reality, pregnant or not.

Tom just rolls his eyes at me and says ok. He has been the best trooper. He has suffered through lack of meals, lack of a clean house and a lazy wife really well. He cooks. He cleans. He lets me sleep in every morning while he readies the children for school. I am one lucky girl and I will make it up to him, someday.

I think I will start by trying some of these recipes I have recently found (I have been so lazy and haven't felt like cooking that I haven't even been looking at new recipes, but I feel like it now.)

Pioneer Woman's Homemade Glazed Doughnuts

Pioneer Woman's Salted Caramel Brownie

Culinary Bliss's Chocolate Ice Cream

Who am I kidding? These recipes will be more satisfying to me than to him. Oh well.


My5wmd said...

The pictures look so good. You must be craving sugar. Definitely nesting.
Hey, let me know when you are going on another road ride. Maybe a shorter one. I need to learn all/any of the little tips and tricks of road biking.

anna jo said...

Um, seriously, come nest over at my house and make me those donuts!

Cinda said...

Looks like you are craving sweets!! At least you are almost done with this pregnancy. Once the baby comes, it will be hard to cook again because the baby will need attention! We are looking for a good carne asada recipe. Mind posting one?

Cory Reese said...

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. If it were up to me, Sugar Puffs would be their own food group.

And....if you ever need forgiveness (or anything else) from a man, sweets are a good solution. You are on the right track.