Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Budding Inventor/Musician

Porter is really starting to grow up. He loves to build/invent things. He becoming quite obsessed with Legos and Star Wars. I questioned Tom if it was normal for a 9-year-old to pretend he is character from Star Wars 80% of the time. Tom assured me it was since he did the same thing. I guess he turned out ok.

K'Nex R2D2
He built an R2D2 out of K'nex for a school art contest.

Porter is also becoming quite the musician. He continues to play the violin (he is in his 4th year and really starting to excel). He also took up the piano this year. In this he really shines. He has such a musical ear and is great and figuring out tunes he recognizes. His piano teacher is a perfect fit for him. Porter recently wanted to learn to play "Praise to the Man" from the hymn book. He has perfected the right hand and can play the left hand pretty well independently. But he just couldn't seem to get them together because of their rhythm differences. So his teacher adapted a new version that is beautiful. The melody on the right hand is the same, but he did some fun stuff on the left that I can't play nearly as well as Porter. I love that he has such a passion for things.
Harry Potter/Porter - Halloween Concert

Christmas Concert
He continues to excel at school when he remembers to turn things in and stays on task. Baseball and soccer are his next endeavors.

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